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DodeCal is an innovative polyhedra calendar system, designed with mathematical precision and finished in high quality European sycamore.

Manufactured from sustainable materials, our production process supports British industry, mixing digital technology and traditional craftsmanship.

A tactile, three dimensional object that combines functionality and contemporary design, DodeCal makes a welcome addition to any home or workplace.


Produced deep in the hills of the Lake District by the hands of master craftsmen, DodeCal celebrates the union of two very different skill sets.

Traditional woodworking and the mathematical precision of laser engraving technology come together to make this unique calendar a reality.

The process begins with three layers of material, glued and pressed together to create one solid block. This is then placed into a custom made jig alongside angled saws that masterfully slice the block, over and over until the dodecahedron shape is revealed.

These initial shapes are machine-sanded to remove rough edges, then hand-sanded with finer grade papers before under going two coats of Osmo oil to create a smooth and sealed finish.

Using calculative precision, each side of the dodecahedron is mapped into the laser computer software, ready for each calendar month to be engraved.

The block is then rotated and set by hand 12 times in-between each engraving, resulting in an accurate and consistent outcome.

Made from responsibly sourced materials, we support sustainable forest management and employ environmentally sensitive production methods.

Beautifully made, nicely weighted and a joy to hold in the hand; DodeCal is a product made for those who value the fusion of craft and technology in modern design.

DodeCal 2017
Price: £79.00

Made from European Sycamore
Designed and manufactured in the UK

Dimensions: 125mm x 90mm x 90mm
Weight: 320g

DodeCal 2017 has now sold out. Thank you so much for your support of this special product.

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Sold Out


For more information or enquiries about stocking DodeCal please get in touch:
+44 (0) 207 739 7234

Studio 8
38–50 Pritchards Road
London E2 9AP

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